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Miss South India

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DreamKatcher is an innovative platform to nurture movie talents. We are keen to find new faces. We have been instrumental in introducing 40 + new talents to the Film Industry. We have been blessed to bring niche cinematic experiences as a production company. Our widespread activities have earned us an esteemed presence in the industry. So take your dream out and make it your life!
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The Crown awaits you

Miss South India is partnering with the leading Talent Platform in India, the DreamKatcher App. Certain stages of the competition will be conducted exclusively on the DreamKatcher App. That's right... DreamKatcher here makes you a ‘social celeb’ by showcasing your performances in the social media as well as in the App with an excellent judging panel and supportive audience. Now you can perform certain stages of the contest from the comfort of your home. Download the App now to Register.

From Five Contests to Ramp

Tell the You

Showcase yourself in a one minute video. Let us know about you in your own unique way.

Beyond the Obvious

Photoshoot with costume concepts that breaks the stereotypes. How about the collab of denim with saree? Or else western wears with Indian jewels? Create your own super style.

Talk it Out

We all have something to speak on what’s happening around. Speak on any social relevant topic as a POV (point of view) within a minute video.

Super Someone

We know that there is a superwoman who influenced you. We are eager to know her. Introduce that super someone to us.

Tap Camera, Action

It’s usual to replace yourself with the favorite female actor on screen. Act any intro scene of female actor from any movie you like.

Power Punch

Enact any punch dialogue scene of your favorite female actor. Do the lip sync for the dialogue.

Dancing Belle

Step up your favorite dance movements as you wish.

Walk Walk Catwalk

Take a minute video of your Catwalk.


Aishwarya S
  • Anjali Menon
  • Deepthie.S
  • Divyapriya Sivam
  • Ishwarya Pagalavan
  • Kaamna Batra
  • Krishnanjana K S
  • Lavanya . A
  • Mariya James
  • Megha Shetty
  • Neha .S
  • Pallavi Sushil
  • Pooja Ratnam
  • Samruddi V Shetty
  • Shivani Rai
  • Shwetha Jayaram
  • Shwetha Rao
  • Sini M
  • Sonia Karthikeyan
  • Sugamya Sankar
  • Vidhya Vijaykumar
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